Medicare Overview

We take an informational and educational approach when helping our clients choose the right medicare coverage. As an independent broker, we can help you review, at no cost to you, all of the available options for "Medicare Advantage", "Prescription Drug Coverage", and "Medicare Supplements", from any available plan from any company. We have a system that allows us to help you find the right coverage for your specific situation by doing the following:

    * Using a computer we are able to sort through all the available plans to find the plan with the most cost effective drug coverage for your specific prescriptions
    * Help you find a plan that will cover all of your current providers including doctors, hospitals and any other providers so you don't have to change providers
    * Help you find a plan that allows you to see any doctor or other providers nationwide that accept medicare

The videos below are to help you learn the some of he medicare basics. To get your questions answered and for more information for your specific situation please call 503-724-0529 or click on the link below to request a no cost consultation.


Medicare & You: Understanding Your Medicare Choices
Understanding Medicare Enrollment Periods
Deciding to Sign Up for Medicare Part B
Medicare & You: Traveling Abroad